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Vinyl Siding in Essex Junction, VT


Does vinyl siding fade?

Everything fades under the sun. However, the technology involved in making vinyl siding has come a long way. Technological advances in manufacturing have found ways to slow down the fading of vinyl siding.

Abnormal fading of a siding panel is characterized by varied fading within a siding job, or simply a quick change of color from one season to the next. The manufacturer should cover abnormal fading under warranty.


Does vinyl siding chalk like aluminum siding?

Once again, the sun plays havoc with everything it touches. The sun's ultraviolet rays cause a molecular chalking effect that is completely normal. Noticeable chalking can be controlled.

If you wash your siding twice a year, it will maintain its luster longer. Washing vinyl siding consists of spraying the siding with a normal garden hose that has a siding washer attachment connected to it. A siding washer attachment is simply a bottle of chemicals, like car wash detergent, formulated for siding.


What is the advantage of vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding provides many advantages over exterior paint. It offers a virtually maintenance-free exterior, increases the insulation value, provides an added sound barrier, is cost effective, increases resale value and marketability and eliminates the hazards of painting and maintenance, such as falling off of a ladder.

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